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All the essential information you need if you’re a Propel funded organisation. 

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I have an Explore grant

The resources, information and next steps for Explore Grantees. If you’re not sure which Propel grant you have, Explore grants are one year long, and focused on exploring systemic issues.

Halfway Check-ins

Halfway through your project, your grant manager will be in touch to arrange a halfway check-in. This is an informal chat, to see if there’s any additional support Propel can offer, and to help you begin thinking about what happens beyond your Explore grant, including applying for further funding (see below).

Expand Guidance

Propel is offering all Explore funded organisations the option to apply for two years of funding to continue your exploration (if needed) and to begin testing your ideas. This could include piloting new approaches, and reflecting on progress. You won’t need to complete an application form, but you’ll need to submit a workplan and budget. Please ensure you’ve talked through your plans with your grant manager before submitting.


Propel is about progressing in partnership towards a more equitable London. We want reporting on your grant to be part of how you learn and how we learn together about what is working.

As part of your funding agreement you’ll need to complete a final project update one month after the end of your Explore grant.

Please note that all reports must be completed via the Propel Portal . To access your report, head to “Your organisation” and scroll down to Project updates. Before submitting, remember to press “Mark section as complete”.

If you have any trouble completing, or submitting your report, just get in touch.

Contact us

For any queries relating to your grant, payments or changes to your project, please contact your Grant Manager.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the Propel team about the collaboration more broadly, or the Propel Portal, you can contact us directly below.